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Seeds of Love - Sustainable Gift by

Seeds of Love - Sustainable Gift by

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Calling out to all urban farmers, green thumbs, and stay-at-home plant moms! Also to each and everyone of you scrolling around for the perfect holiday gift. Show some affection this holiday to your friends, family, colleagues, teachers, or virtual pen-pals by sending them our Seed of Love! Plant a secret message (pun-intended) on our letters, and your loved ones will receive them along with a seed they can plant at home. As you gift your closest ones, Carbonethic coastal communities will also plant a tree for you!
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A recycled card with paper with seeds inside



Cara penggunaan

Simply plant the heart paper on to the soil

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Celebrating the holidays this year is going to be different. Most of us won’t have the opportunity to be together with the ones we love. Thinking of this, CarbonEthics and @sunnytown_id prepared a special gift with a lot of love

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